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CCC #2: Mental Health, Female Led work and Autobiographical work.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

"Inclusion to me is breaking down barriers and making sure everyone had a chance to make their voice heard"

On Monday 1st June we hosted our second Casual Collective Chat with Isabelle Kabban, chatting to IC member Ruth Phillips. Izzy is an actor, wrote, producer and facilitator. She is the founder and AD of SpeakUp Theatre, which she founded as a way to encourage vital conversation around the issues we keep behind closed doors.

They discussed a range of things including the importance of representation in theatre, obstacles for inclusion from Kabban's experience and the details around the issues of mental health and female led work, foci of Kabban's work especially with her theatre company SpeakUp Theatre.

See the full video on our IGTV here.

Check out our instagram for the previous week and details of our next CCC.

Find more about the artists:

Isabelle Kabban: Twitter / Instagram

Ruth Anna Phillips:

SpeakUp Theatre:

If you would like a transcript or have any issues accessing the content please get in touch at

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