Casual Collective Chats: CCC #1

Updated: Sep 19

We have started a series on our Instagram called 'casual collective chats'. Here a selection of artists will have a chat about what inclusion means to them, their practice and what they want to see for the industry. It will be relaxed open forum to shed light into pockets of the conversation.

You can find details on our Instagram (@inclusioncollective) which will host the chat and it will be shared to our IGTV.

Know someone you think would be great for CCC? Think you have something to say for inclusivity? Get in touch, the inclusion collective is an open network we want to grow and expand!

First CCC: Mon 18th May 5pm

CCC #1: Co-founders Christina Fulcher and Ruth Anna Phillips on 'what does inclusivity mean to you?' Christina and Ruth start the series with an intro session with some background on their work, the inclusion collective and the topic of inclusion for them in their work and personally.

You can find the full chat here

Transcript link:

You can join the collective or get in touch via the contact page.


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